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Services: IonCleanse (Detoxification Treatment)

We are all exposed to great toxic loads, resulting in chronic degenerative conditions with pain as a common manifestation.  It is the job of health-care practitioners to expedite the removal of toxins, which often alleviates one of the primary underlying causes of pain.  IonCleanse is and electronic footbath system that removes heavy metals from the body through the process of osmosis.  While everyone can benefit from IonCleanse detoxification, it works especially well for patients suffering from arthritis, inflammation, edema, chronic pain, gout, autism, arteriosclerosis, and side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


Approximately 85% of patients with the above ailments will benefit from IonCleanse treatments.  During treatments, colors and objects appear in the bathwater, allowing us to identify the source of toxic material.  Ten to twenty 30-minute sessions are considered a full detoxification program.  Treatments are relaxing, free of any electrical sensation, and generally result in a greater sense of well-being.


It is believed that IonCleanse detoxifies the body more effectively and faster than herbal or fasting protocols, with little or no stress to the patient.

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