Chelation Therapy:  intravenous infusions of EDTA to reverse the symptoms of heart disease.  more >>

Lyme Disease Management:  a unique holistic approach combining several innovative and effective modalities with the most up-to-date diagnostic testing.  more >>

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy:  using natural, biologically identical hormones as an alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals.  more >>

Yeast Overgrowth:  A natural program individually designed for those who need a more comprehensive approach with the goal of returning to maximal health as quickly as possible.  more >>

Intravenous Nutrition:  the use of infusions of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants for optimal nutritional therapy.

IonCleanse (Detoxification Treatment):  an electronic footbath system that removes heavy metals from the body through the process of osmosis, expediting the removal of toxins, and often alleviating one of the primary underlying causes of pain.  more >>

SCENAR (Self Controlled Neuro-Adaptive Regulator):  a biofeedback device that uses computerized technology for promoting the body's own healing process.  more >>

Hands-On Healing (also known as "Quantum Touch"):  this form of hands-on healing combines aspects of yoga breathing, therapeutic touch and Reiki, that is uniquely effective in individuals suffering from chronic pain.  more >>

Nutritional and Herbal Therapy:  guidance in the use of nutrition, diet and herbs in concert with other therapies to enhance healing.  more >>

Biomagnetic Therapy:  a system using high quality magnetic wraps applied to painful areas of the patient's body.  more >>